Commercial Pest Control in Clarkville, TN

We Provide The Professional Services Necessary To Protect Your Business

Regardless of the industry, if your business in the Clarksville, TN area has a physical building of some kind, it’s at risk of a pest infestation and all of the problems that go along with that infestation. Protecting your facility and the equipment and goods inside, your employees, clients, customers, and your
pocketbook and reputation requires you to take action against any pest problem you encounter, no matter how big or small. The Bug Guys, Inc. is Clarksville, Tennessee’s local pest control company that provides the professional, effective commercial services necessary to protect your business from active and potential pest threats.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

At The Bug Guys, we are committed to providing our customers with flexible services to meet their needs. We know that most businesses don’t want a pest control company performing treatments during their peak hours of operation, so we’ll work with you to schedule our inspection and treatments at a time that is convenient for you.
We’ll inspect your property to identify any active pests, then go over our findings and recommended treatment plan for your facility with you. We can often perform your initial service within 24 hours, and we also offer immediate service for more
serious pest problems. Once your initial treatment is complete, we will return to your business on a regular basis to re-treat it, ensuring the continued protection of your facility against pests.

Facilities We Service


Church buildings are places of peace and solace, but if pests get inside, they’ll be anything but that. Protect your parishioners with help from The Bug Guys.


No one wants to eat at a restaurant that has pests contaminating the food. Keep your restaurant pest-free and your customers happy and healthy with The Bug Guys.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities need to be kept pest free for obvious reasons. We work hard to keep facilities pest free so staff and patients are able to devote their time to healthcare.

Government Buildings

The people in the community depend on your facilities being open and operational for a variety of important reasons. Keep damaging pests out of your government building with The Bug Guys.

Industrial Plants

Protecting your industrial plant from pests keeps your equipment in good working order and your goods free of damage. The Bug Guys can help with our commercial services.


Protecting the kids in your care is a big responsibility. Keeping pests out of your school or daycare will help keep them healthy and safe. The Bug Guys can help keep your facility pest-free.

Why Choose The Bug Guys?

Your business is important to you and your customers. If pests get inside you, want a company that cares about keeping it pest-free as much as you do. The Bug Guys, Inc:

Has years of experience in the pest control industry.
Is a local team that understands local pests and the problems they cause.
Provides flexible service that meets your needs, schedule, and budget.
Offers the personal touch that’s missing from so many bigger pest control companies.
Cares about delivering exceptional customer service.
Offers 24-hour emergency services.
Provides free quotes.
Delivers ongoing services to protect your business year-round.
Is veteran owned and operated.
Is family owned and operated.

Let Us Care For Your Business

When you choose The Bug Guys, you aren’t choosing just another pest control company; you’re choosing a local family that cares about your business and the pest problems it is experiencing. We will work with professionalism and attention to detail in order to ensure your business is free of damaging and dangerous pests. With flexible scheduling, affordable services, and a commitment to meeting your needs, you can’t go wrong choosing The Bug Guys for your commercial or home pest control in Clarksville. Contact us now for your free quote.

Contact us now for your free quote.