Home Pest Control in Clarkville, TN

Let Us Help Protect Your Clarksville, TN Home From Pests

Protecting your home from pests requires more than squishing the random spider you find in the corner of your ceiling or shooing a house fly out of your kitchen through an open window. You can’t solve a true pest infestation by dealing with the symptoms of a problem as it pops up around your house. Instead, you have to get to the root of the problem so that your home is fully protected from the pests that can damage your house, make your family sick, or simply be a nuisance. The Bug Guys, Inc. is Clarksville, Tennessee’s local pest control company that provides personable, affordable, and effective service to the homes in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. We will solve your pest problems using our years of experience and knowledge.

Our General Residential Pest Control

As a family-owned business, The Bug Guys, Inc. knows how important it is to you to protect your family, and we also know how overwhelming that job can feel at times. Our goal is to deliver the pest control you need to take away that overwhelming burden and provide you with a safe, healthy, pest-free home. Our personable technicians will visit your home to discuss the problems you’ve been having with pests and have you walk us through your house so that we can identify pest activity, conducive conditions, and more. We’ll also inspect outside to determine what factors may be attracting pests to your home and to determine how they’re getting inside.

We’ll then go over our findings with you and recommend a treatment plan that will be the most effective for your home’s pest problems. Our initial service can typically take place within 24 hours of our inspection. In the case of a more severe problem, we can treat your house the same day. Our home pest control covers most general pests and includes an interior and exterior treatment. We’ll return to your home every quarter to provide ongoing pest protection.

Our Home Pest Control Process


A full inspection of your property alerts
us to the problems you’ve been
experiencing and provides us with the
information we need to properly and
effectively treat your home.


Our initial treatment includes interior and exterior services to eliminate active pest threats and to prevent new infestations from occurring. We can usually treat within a day of your inspection.

Follow Up

Regular follow-up treatments keep your home protected from pests year-round. We offer quarterly service visits to maintain your home’s pest protection.

Our Additional Services

In addition to our home pest control services that cover most general pests, we also offer several services to eliminate specific pests. These include bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes. Contact us to learn more about these services.

Local Service, Professional Results

When you need pest control, you want to choose a company that has the skills to do the job right, but don’t want to choose a company that treats you like a number and charges you an arm and a leg simply because of name recognition. At The Bug Guys, Inc., we are a local company that will treat you with the care you deserve while providing the professional services necessary to make and keep your home pest-free. Our years of service, affordable pricing, and personable service set us apart. Contact us now for your free quote.

Contact us now for your free quote.